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    Full spectrum anonymization platform
  • Ghost Coin
    Fueled by Cryptocurrency


Keep your digital footprints safe with us! We guarantee your complete anonymity and privacy every time you go online.

We are a privacy based platform and API service for users and developers to acquire SMS-based phone verification for Social Media accounts. No E-Mail address is required when you register your account with us, as we will provide you with our own private E-Mail service. With Ghost Services you can rest assured of your presence and identity on the internet will nothing more than the footprints of a ghost.

Vision & Mission

We bring you a platform and service that creates private digital experience for you, keeping your identity hidden like a 'ghost' in this data hungry digital world.

Our aim is to keep your digital footprints private and safe against spammers, scammers, and phishers, thus bringing you a safe browsing experience. You will be able to create Social Media accounts, download content, and browse websites with the utmost safety and privacy with our E-Mail, SMS verification, VPN’s, and Proxy services.

Ghost Coin

Ghost Prism's Cryptocurrency

Ghost Prism Platform is fueled by GHOST Coin. Every service that you avail in the platform cannot be traced back to any fiat transaction as the payments are in GhostCoin which is available in any established exchange with BTC pairing.

GHOST Coin is also powered with Masternodes, giving you an option to own and grow your coins to enjoy seamless services in the Ghost Platform and also trade with other users who do not own Ghost Coin but need them for availing services in the platform.

Ghost Coin


  • Coin Name : GHOSTPRISM
  • Ticker : GHOST
  • Algorithm : QUARK
  • Masternode Collateral : 10,000 GHOST
  • Block Distribution : MN 100%
  • Total Supply : 175,000,000
  • Premine (1%) : 1,750,000
  • Block Time : 60 Sec
  • Maturity : 61 Blocks

Coin Market Cap

Ghost Prism's Market Cap

Our Services

Private E-Mail

Unlimited private mailboxes with the *@ghostxprism.com domain, users are given 1 free E-Mail upon registration


We have VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) in many countries around the world to offer the fastest possible connection


Our proxies give our users the ability to protect their IP addresses for socket based connections

SMS Verification

Disposable SMS numbers for multiple Social Media account verification purposes


Pass your connections through our ProxAPI and protect your IP address while developing


Send and Receive SMS messages behind a disposable SMS Number (non-verification)

E-Mail Aliases

Generate a number of E-Mail addresses that can be accessed with a primary E-Mail address


Use our API to quickly integrate and automate with our services

First Quarter 2020

January - March

Project planning and Formalization of Team

Whitepaper Release

Blockchain Creation

Mainnet Launch

Platform Launch (Alpha)

Infrastructure Hosting

Beta Testing of Platform

Website Launch

Social Platforms Release

Bitcointalk Ann Release

Second Quarter 2020

April - June

Social Media Pages Launched

Marketing Phase I

1st Exchange Listing

Masternodes.online Listing

User Outreach Programs Initiated

Integrating More Services in Platform

Masternode.online Listing

Masternode Wallet Launched for Windows/Linux/Mac

Debugging of Platform

New Service updates in Platform

Public MN Presale

Third Quarter 2020

July - September

2nd Exchange Listing

Coinmarketcap Listing

Global Advertisement of Services

New Locations added to Platform

Fourth Quarter 2020

October - December

Android Wallet Release

Mac Wallet Release

Campaigns to onboard more users

User Analytics & Ratings

Reviewing the Platform performance and planning new developments for the future


Simple, convienent, and affordable. Users deposit GHOST into their secured web-wallet and use that balance to purchase GP Credits. Each GP Credit is equivalent to $0.10 USD. The prices for each service is as follows:

E-Mail Addresses


Per E-Mail
  • 1 Free E-Mail (Upon account registration)
  • Unlimited amount of Primary Addresses (2 GP per Primary)
  • Unlimited amount of Alias Addresses (1 GP per Alias) (Forwarded to your Inbox)
  • Billed once upon Primary or Alias acquisition, and once every month following
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Rate-Limit of 5 API Calls per minute

SMS Verification


Per SMS Number
  • 30+ Locations
  • Billed once upon SMS Number activation and once every month following
  • Available for 30 hour after activation
  • Dispoable Recieve-Only numbers
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Rate-Limit of 5 API Calls per minute



Per SMS Number
  • Send and Recieve SMS
  • SMS Forwarding
  • Billed once upon SMS Number activation and once every month following
  • 2GP per incoming and outgoing messages
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Rate-Limit of 5 API Calls per minute

Proxy Services


Updated Proxy Lists
  • 50+ Locations
  • Billed once upon Proxy acquisition and once every month following
  • 25 GP per 100 ProxAPI Calls
  • Unlimited ProxAPI Calls
  • Rate-Limit of 5 Proxy Calls per minute
  • Rate-Limit of 50 ProxAPI Calls per minute

VPN Services


  • 50+ Locations
  • Unlimited amount of Alias Addresses (Forwarded to your Inbox)
  • Billed once upon VPN activation, and once every month following
  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Rate-Limit of 3 API Calls per minute

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